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I dont hear any noise or anything like that just real hard to go into any gear. Ill appreciate the help
I gained access to the interior of the car since then but the alarm is now active and I can't get into the trunk to disarm alarm system.
when my car is in idol it seems to want to stall, happens not only when idols but when I go to give it gas? Please help, I don't know much about cars.
My car wont start when its hot an my coolant overflow tank starts to bubble.when i open it the coolant is not clear it looks black an when i pour it out you can see the coolants actual color (green)
My car was running fine except a weird noise, like a faint tick last few weeks.. today the car started making a click/clack noise.. it seemed to be timed while idling. 2,3,4,5,click,clack .. 2,3,4,5,click,clack etc.....
It will not start. When you turn the key, you hear cranking but it just wont start up anymore cheek for a code but im not getting any bad code has a new alternator new battery i cheek the star motor is good i was thin...
Husband says need to pull crankshaft.but behind that vs there a belt / or chain from diagram.What is it called
I changed a very noisy ps pump and the noise is gone, but the steering is still hard to turn. It is very possible the owner drove with very low fluid and topped it off with power steering fluid with stop leak. Bummer....
Car door still opens and frame is not damaged. Some paint chipped off and scratches
checked plugs and wires, coil, coil module, cam sensor. Any ideals what to check next
Loud whining noise like a tea pot. Dont know if it is wheel or trans. Have auto trans. Only hear when vehicle moves
Interference engines are destoryed by a broken timing chain I am told. Is this an interference engine
I can not get in 3rd at all. 4-5 free wheel. manual trans. 1-2 ok reverse ok so far...
you need to cover ALL REPAIRS OR this site isn't squat
My 2000 Eclipse GTS idles roughly and stalls at start up and stopping please help It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
When I get into 2nd and 3rd it's fine but when I come to a stop sign ahead I put it in neutral as I slow down and it makes a rattling sound like putting a price paper into a house fan
This happens with no rhyme or reason.And when it does crank the car runs great???
I have had this vehicle for only 3 months. It idled rough but has been fine up until a month ago. First battery went dead...replaced! Than all of a sudden it would stall when stopping. I pulled into parking lot to wor...
Have fuel pressure but no spark. Changed crank sensor, cam sensor and coil pack. Still no spark so changed ECU (used one from wrecking yard). Checked all fuses and plug-ins.