the problem occurs frequently.

usually shows all info needed to operate stereo. Now it is blank

Got in it today after work it was very difficult to get running I had to constantly hold the gas for about 5 minutes before I could let off the gas and quickly put it in drive before it stalled at every stop it stalled and the heater quit working at low rpms, drove fine to work.

Was periodic but continuous now. Studders after idle speed ican press gas pedal to try keep from dying or to gain speed or to stop the hesitation

Aspen Auto Clinic came up when asked for a quote to get a timing belt replaced. The price you said was like $275-$350. But when I asked Aspen about this earlier in the year, they quoted me $700.

my car still screeching


I paid $350. at the dealer,a year ago,to seal the evaporator pads.And the leak is back again ,Did they do the wrong repair?Or was I taken for a ride?

My car is vibrating after I replaced the timing belt,i went back to the same place,now they told me i need 4 new engine mounts,does that sound logical??? What is the cost of parts,and labor in Miami??

Can the cabin air filter,not changed be the cause of water inside the driver side floor?

Is it normal for the coolant to be low on my car every 2 to 3 months? I live in Florida,Hot weather.

Monitor information:
Complete = Misfire, Fuel system, CCM, O2 sensor heater.
Not complete = Catalyst, EVAP, O2 sensor, EGR.

Cam sensor was replaced engine light still on.Took it to a repair shop OBDII results the codes are p0421,p0340,p0335. he suggested a new computer.Sound right? Also just replaced the coil recently.Since then RPMs are high when starting.and my a/c stopped working as well.It started to shake and have a burning smell.

Cam sensor was replaced engine light still on.OBDII results the codes are p0421,p0340,p0335.Also just replaced the coil recently.Since then RPMs are high when starting.

its not the a/c.its not the convertible top.a few years ago the dealer charged me $300. and put a filter to keep the leafes out,he told me to come back in a year to do it again,i do not have that money,does anyone know what filter he put in,where? so that i can have it cleaned by someone else? the water was in the passenger side when the dealer put in the filter,now it is on the driver side,and I can not see water coming in from anywhere,HELP!