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I have had this vehicle for only 3 months. It idled rough but has been fine up until a month ago. First battery went dead...replaced! Than all of a sudden it would stall when stopping. I pulled into parking lot to wor...
alternators listed for this car are a 90 amp or 95 amp...how can i tell which one i need and how can i tell which one is on the car now...
it bcomes on and stays on for 15 mins or more some times less and then would flicker and go off by itself. comes on whether I am on the hwy or in city driving......had car code tested...no codes were evident.
at 90 thousand. I have 125 k on it now . The belt still looks good , but has bent valves.
idle is fine. just kinda putts and dies when i try to drive it.
It just started and is getting worse. It is getting louder and louder
iit had fire ckd codes replaced cam sensor won't start now it says po183 fuel heat sensor is this a dealer part and where is it
usually shows all info needed to operate stereo. Now it is blank
Got in it today after work it was very difficult to get running I had to constantly hold the gas for about 5 minutes before I could let off the gas and quickly put it in drive before it stalled at every stop it stalle...