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My sunroof lifts up, but it will not open. Any pointers to check to see what is wrong with it or to repair it myself if possible?
can you tell me why my 2002 mitsubishi eclipse with auto trans the engine high revv's before it shift's I am sure that it is something to do electrical as I was messing around with some of the wire's ...
you need to cover ALL REPAIRS OR this site isn't squat
When I get into 2nd and 3rd it's fine but when I come to a stop sign ahead I put it in neutral as I slow down and it makes a rattling sound like putting a price paper into a house fan
Oil leak, discovered it was from camshaft seals, got a well known mechanic to replace for 300.00 was told specialty shop would of been about 1000.00 thought was saving money now got to do it all over again it has only...
Rear ended 1 year ago. Insurance claim denied. Duct taped trunk shut as it allowed rain to leak in. No problems. I accidentally pulled the trunk release handle instead of the hood release handle on 01-03-15. (Needed t...
all fuses are good, relay clicks when horn button pushed. jumped top horn, works well, bottom horn inop. is the problem in the horn button or the wiring from relay to horn. also do both horns have to be good to work.