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Will start with a jump start and runs until it runs out of power , has new battery and alternator on it . Just will not stay charged . Dash board loses power then car cuts off and will not start until it jumped starte...
Rear passenger bumper light only, outside bulb, only when the lights are on but constant feed
was driving on main road transmission went out run running 55 was in drive but none of the gears are working
I change rotor and cap car wont start.when it did start it wont go over 25 0r 35 mph
Failed smog computer code non igsistent in book
Normally, the ring around the where the key goes illuminates prior to starting the car illuminates when you the interior lights come on, but it doesn't. How does one go about fixing this issue...it bothers me that it ...
is it the cats cause this horrible noise in the y- pipe.
My timing belt went on my car, and I was fortunate enough to be sitting still idling, so no apparent damage to valves. I got everything back together, and it runs without a miss at all, but after a few seconds runnin...
Blower throughs heat on right side , cold air on left side ?
Heater works only on right side only . blows both sides
I have gotten my water pump changed and head gasket changed 4 months ago
when i go to 1st it will shift but cant get it to go anywhere
One of the cylinders showed only 60 psi on my first check,so i put oil in the cylinder to check for bad rings,it made the compression go up so i cranked the motor to get the oil out and also ran it for several minutes...
Car was shifting through 1st and second gear when safety device kicked in , i pulled over to trouble shoot and to no available no gears ecept park, not even reverse, what do i do?