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checked plugs and wires, coil, coil module, cam sensor. Any ideals what to check next
Loud whining noise like a tea pot. Dont know if it is wheel or trans. Have auto trans. Only hear when vehicle moves
My 2000 Eclipse GTS idles roughly and stalls at start up and stopping please help It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
It happens everytime i turn the car on and drive it.
I installed a used Japanese long block and the Crank. Pos. Sensor and its tone/ reflector? ring installed weren’t new and were without warranty. I have been driving it for 18 months with the P0335- Crankshaft Position...
i have change reverse and 1 forward gear and its not tha low gear or tha highest its in between
When I drive over uneven pavement or hit bumps, it sounds/feels as though something is loose underneath the car, driver side. Just started recently. Any suggestions?
remains on service engine soon while driving
I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0 v6 5 speed. The car was starting to get to where it wanted to get hot and when it was starting to get to where it was overheating I always stopped and cut it off. it started to ove...
I have it pulled out but can not get vacume lines off.
2003 Mitsubish Eclpise idle/stall? I have a 2003 Mit Eclipse RS. Car started stalling during deceleration and stop signs. Only would happen while foot not on accelerator. Took to mechanic. Got 2 Codes. Misfire and Ba...