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I changed a very noisy ps pump and the noise is gone, but the steering is still hard to turn. It is very possible the owner drove with very low fluid and topped it off with power steering fluid with stop leak. Bummer....
i replaced the turn signal switch and the left turn signal is constant and the right is off
I just found a crack on my radiator and I have no idea how i received this crack. I would like to know is there a way to fix this problem and what would I need to fix this?
gray smokes also comes out when i hit the gas and it smells like burnt rubber
Mitsubishi Lancer GLi 4 cylinder (not Eclipse but choice not there) Cable has been tightened twice but has now broken (ie 'nothing' happens when pressing clutch pedal). Advice has been that it needs replacement and w...
I turn it on and off then runs fine for a while but the downshifts again.
When i turn the car off and start it back up it shifts into gear fine, but it will still downshift into a lower gear again.
My daughter has a 98 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0.129,000miles she has replaced the plugs and wires, It has error codes p0171 and p0301 lean fuel, i have checked for vacuum and gasket leaks with brake cleaner no indication ...
how long it will run its a none turbo no distributor 2.0 automatic 16 valve dohc
Okay so i have a 98 eclipse. i went out yesterday morning to start it and the battery was dead so i jumped started it , after jump starting it i ran my friends keys back into the house when i came back out the car was...
How difficult is it to replace the lifters and what would an esitmated cost be.
on a 98 eclipse rear brakes disk type there is 2 different pins does it make a diff. where they go for holding the calipers on
Transmission was just changed, new engine also.. The linkage is slightly out of adjustment. This was the first time this had happened.