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Bought d car with check engine light on so i bought a car diagnostic tool (car md ) test registered problem speed sensor n fuel pressure regulator but after a month check engine went out but i did not work on the prob...
Do tou have to pull the engine to change out he water pump? There is not enough clearance to take out all the bolts...
how to diagnose and repair oxygen sensor code po 141
this is the first time, cluch goes down very easy and stick shifter is stuck in first gear and will not move.
my check engine light has came on like 2 days ago and when that came up my rpms have been dropping to (300-400) when it in idle (park) or at a stop sign/light and the engine seem like it want to died. i also seems to ...
why is my eclispe shutting off, after being warm?
anti theft will not reset. can it be reset with scanner?
looking to replace flex plate, but can't find one, anyone know of a place to locate, 1996 mitsu, eclipse turbo, 2.0liter
how to fix ODB communication when smoged
My 1996 eclipse fail the smog check due to OBD communication, How can be fix?
my eclipse override slips 1-2-3 drives smooth but when you hit the override itslips it just doesn't gel in to override it all hapend after a transmision oil change before that it was running just fine
i replace the computer the coil pack and it has power everywhere but just wont get fire what could it be it turns over fine just wont get fire
Hey; my car does not start. it just does click thing that's it, I passed jumped cable, and still not Ignition, what's could be????
Ok well I bought this car from this guy about six months ago and we test drove it and it ran fine so while I was leaving I got eight miles out of the town and the car just staled on me so we brang it to a machanic and...
when The Heating controls are operated, no heat comes out just cold air,Do I have to replace the Heater core???