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I was told the pads were worn out. So I bought new ones. How much does it cost to get the brake pads on if i already have the brake pads?
how do you remove power plug for air bag from drivers seat belt
car has 111,000 miles,never had the fuel injectors cleaned, spark plugs, wires and distributor has been replaced at around 60,000 as well as the timing belt, same time
At times I have to start it 2-3 times before it will stay on. At times as it is slowing up on my and I press the gas it will jump and go real fast. I have had a complete tune-up, the idle control sensor, and another i...
Since installing a NEW battery, my car will out of the blue go completely dead when going to start it. I took it to have the amps tested on the alternator and the reading was 30 amps...I have been told that the amps ...
My 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante stammers while idling as if it wants to jump timing . It especially loves to do it while I am stuck in traffic or at stop light (especially when brakes are applied). I sometimes put the car...
is there any speceal tools needed to do repair
2-3 shift flare
when should the timing belt be changed?