Had new key madr

Radio, heater and door locks don't work after battery was changed

Sometimes it smokes a little from the hood

Just get nose frm heater core and gauge resets

I have ruled out fuses and relays. I suspect it may be my switch. About how much with a switch cost me? I also tried changing the bulbs that didn't work either.

I did run it almost out of oil and just put a new battery on it ain't sure what I messed up by running it so low on oil

key wont unlock

1999 Mitsubishi Galant

It is showing I have a bad crankshaft position sensor but I can not find the location

Wipers only 1 mode, no washer fluid will come out.? Windows only work individually & sometimes all will work from materswitch(got new main switch did not work). Locks are also doing same. I had to jury rig radio so it doesn't keep memory, it and a/c come on when car turns on, it was draining batteries, Tail, bright, and dash lights go on and off, HAD to disconnect trunk light it was staying on. I have spent $$$, went to mits. Dealership, electric shop, mechanic etc and know one can fix my car much less find the problems.Please HELP HELP HELP. THANK YOU DEB. St. Aug Fl.

fluid levels ok----what could be the problem??

The front fog lights below will not come on and was wondering if they have another switch to use to turn on/off?

Purchased 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante. Replaced the valve cover gasket, needs brake pads/rotors/transmission fluid changed. Love the car has good power, ac very cold but the ac button dial has to be played with to change the temperature.

And it won't stay crunk like it's not getting enough voltage every time I cut the Ac off car cuts off so I looked under the car and the compressor plug wasn't on so I plug it up and its still doing the same thing. Do any one know how to reset it by turning the ignition and how many times. Or if you know what's wrong I would be most thankful

When I get to a stop the car cuts off.

the pipe is one of the water cooling pipes that sits in between the v of the engine...the book I have does not seem to give a clear direction on how to do this and don't want to pull everything apart.

It happened once before and a friend cleaned a hose but I don't know which one and it's a Mitsubishi Grande van 1996

The car runs fine at normal speeds but when I slow down (usually at stop lights) the engine cuts off. When I let off the gas, the brake pedal loses some resistance. The car also seems to lose power when accelerating from a complete stop. All of the symptoms tend to point me towards a vacuum leak of some sort. I was wondering if anyone had similar issues and what other things I should be checking other than the throttle body lines. - I read in the Galant issues section that there were cases of a failing Idle Air Control Valve that were causing similar issues. Is this common with the Diamante as well? I recently had the exhaust replaced and they removed the catalytic converter but I don't see that being the problem as the low idle was there before replacing the exhaust. - Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all very much!


full up...goes to full...turn car off and back on it stays on e

i was pulling out of a car park an the car made spit noise an died there is a small water leak an sounded like a tractor once i got it running again, wev manage to get it running again but could the problem be air filter?