Had new key madr

Wipers only 1 mode, no washer fluid will come out.? Windows only work individually & sometimes all will work from materswitch(got new main switch did not work). Locks are also doing same. I had to jury rig radio so it doesn't keep memory, it and a/c come on when car turns on, it was draining batteries, Tail, bright, and dash lights go on and off, HAD to disconnect trunk light it was staying on. I have spent $$$, went to mits. Dealership, electric shop, mechanic etc and know one can fix my car much less find the problems.Please HELP HELP HELP. THANK YOU DEB. St. Aug Fl.

And it won't stay crunk like it's not getting enough voltage every time I cut the Ac off car cuts off so I looked under the car and the compressor plug wasn't on so I plug it up and its still doing the same thing. Do any one know how to reset it by turning the ignition and how many times. Or if you know what's wrong I would be most thankful

the pipe is one of the water cooling pipes that sits in between the v of the engine...the book I have does not seem to give a clear direction on how to do this and don't want to pull everything apart.

full up...goes to full...turn car off and back on it stays on e

And what could be the cause of not coming on

Replaced that 02, cleared the code and it still comes back. Tried confirming by swapping it with the Bank 1 sensor 1. Still keeps throwing at least that code. Drove it with my scantool and it seems fine in the baud rate then all of a sudden drops to 20 and eventually recovers. But repeats the issue at some point and throws the code again. Checked for any vacuum leaks (lean issues). So far has me chasing my tail trying to kill that issue and get it smogged. Any similar issues experienced out there? Thanks MUCH

New battery lights on dash still coming on
Replaced neg cable pos doesn't look bad
Been going on for yrs

This doesn't happen all the time, but only when in traffic going less than 5 MPH. The car can be cold or warmed up, but it will sputter and die on me when sitting in traffic. Will start up easy enough when put in neutral and turn off heater or AC. It will run fine again until I turn them back on, then sputter and die. No 'check engine' light comes on either, no codes what so ever.

If I turn car off and restart sometimes it starts charging and maintains 12 volts and other times it wont. Battery light and brake light on instrument panel come on when not charging and nothing shows uo on diagnostics check.