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tried to jump it, no good and tried security system..hummm
when lights off have heavy brake action at very low speed. I know I need computer reset but delaying because of 200mi round trip to dealership. what damage, if any, by delaying computer reset?
The car horn does not sound anymore when the remote locks the door
The head lights stay on then the car is shut off, and key is removed and the door is opened.
When you turn the wheel it whines sometimes and stutters like its low on fluid. Fluid level is fine. It feels likes it pulses when you turn the wheel. Any help would be greatly appreciated
under the car trans. oil run out lake hose or bolt is lose or felt down
coolant is leaking slowly. added stop leak and it has nearly stoped leaking. still just not quite normal.
while driving nutral light started blinking carhesitated when applied gas at green light.bucked the started to drive but still with nutral light blinking
would not drive forward the bucked and started to drive with nutral light still blinking