2002 Mitsubishi Diamante Questions

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I bought car used so the lug wrench/jack crank shift may be gone or I'm looking in the wrong place where is it??

So it just won't turn over or have any kind of power to get it started and I was having issues with it running battery low and I would have to jump it everytime now a jump won't even start it

Sometimes it smokes a little from the hood

When I get to a stop the car cuts off.

never got to hot and would cool town when slowing down

The fob didn't program , anything special I need to do?

I changed all turn signal bulbs as they were burned out. Now the front ones are not flashing. I hear the relay clicking and it is flashing fast on the rear turn signals. When I turn on the hazards it only flashes on the rear. Any one know what this could be? Could the flasher only be partially working?