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I just bought a new battery last month, and put it in but i still don't know why the light comes on.
Does not feel like transmission is fully engaging. While shifting into reverse it shifts very hard. Seems to be an intermittent problem. Plenty of fluid. 150k miles.
I checked all the fuses and relays. I left the light switch on over night and the battery was fine. It's like there is no electricity to the lights. I have brake lights and turn signals.
My anti lock light is on and staying on. The brakes seem to work fine. I have a very steep driveway and sometimes there is a slight burnt rubber smell after coming down the driveway (I have my foot on the brake while ...
Transmission went out with no warning, replaced it...three days later I had trouble starting it...found out starter was bad, had new starter put in and two days later car won't start?????
same thing happened a month ago. It was jumpstarted and I bought a new battery. today I can't open the hood , etc.
Fuses seem to be intact. What else could be the problem?
i need to change my strut, n i want to know if i even have to take the seat out to change the strut
what is the cost of transmission repair ?
Does anyone know how to pull the radio out? Need serial # for code reprogramming
Horn it self is good, fuse is good, relay is good. Any idea? I have checked everything with light check. What could happened? Emergency Horn does not work ether.