Misfire and/or Check Engine Light Due To Failed Ignition Coil on Pontiac Bonneville

An ignition coil may fail causing one of the cylinders to misfire. Each of the two banks of cylinders has its own coil assembly. If one ignition coil fails the coil assembly for the corresponding cylinder bank must be replaced.

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Average mileage: 146,691 (62,000–227,000)
Engines affected: 3.8L V6, 4.6L V8
3 model years affected: 1999, 2004, 2005
8 people reported this problem
3 people shared problem details
2004 Pontiac Bonneville- 3.8L V6
Shaking bad from a stop, check engine light flashes after 25mph, also a strong smell from the car. Replaced fuel filter, injector cleaner, replaced plugs and spark plugs 1 and 4 were wet so changed that coil. No changes
2004 Pontiac Bonneville- 3.8L V6151,073
Hard to start about half of the time, wont get up to speed no where near as fast as it used to, starts shaking bad going down the road, will take probably 2 minutes to get up to 60mph
1999 Pontiac Bonneville- 3.8L V6227,000
When car get's warm it will not crank until it cools off. It also floods out and u smell gas bad. I replaced 1 coil, egv value, fuel pump and module. Help. Why am i getting 2 much gas. It has a bad miss also.
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