Cadillac DeVille Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille Misfire and/or Check Engine Light Due To Failed Ignition Coil

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An ignition coil may fail causing one of the cylinders to misfire. Each of the two banks of cylinders has its own coil assembly. If one ignition coil fails the coil assembly for the corresponding cylinder bank must be replaced.

'Service engine soon' light is on. It states that 'Cylinder 8 misfire' is the problem. I'm hoping it's something simple like a failed ignition coil on that cylinder or a spark plug... -
when i go to give it some gas car starts shaking like, it doesnt stall, it feels like a misfire but not sure. -
Engine shaking occured during normal driving. Check engine light blinking constantly while driving.Replaced both ignition coils corrected the problem. Very costly. -
misfiring, poor acceleration, runs terrible! Changed coil pack, spark plugs, fixed & replaced o2 sensors and 2nd & 3rd cylinders...still no go!!! Trying fuel pump...not getting any codes! -
Dead miss confirmed by OBD II on no 6 cyl. Replaced coil pac. -
replaced both coils -
engine at different times starts to misfire runs roughand some time dies. poor accelerationi have replaced the o2senor on front and back exhaust manifolds and also the mass air flow sensor to no improvments. -
had this problem replaced coils and everything was fixed coils are very expensive the labor doesn't cost much the part itself was close to $350 total job cost was $800. recommend replacing spark plug with this coil job -
replaced front three times with aftermarket. recommend against aftermarket their not reliable. Replaced the rear bank and now getting a misfire code on #7 -
car runs ruogh check engin light on says misfirer on number three cylinder.also has crankshaft senser bad. -
car shakes and runs rough due to coil packs needing to be replaced. -
replaced front module. now i am told the rear needs to be replaced also -
The car is running rich and has problems getting started. There is also a rough idle when sitting at a stop light. I am still looking for a way to get it fixed. -
new plugs and coil -
Crank won't start -
The scanner shows multiple misfire PO300 -
Front coil pack self destructed at about 126000 miles followed by the rear coil pack at 130000. These Caddys are built like an old AMF Harley...if you like it you will constantly be sinking money into it and working on it every couple of weeks. Typical American car that lasts about 100000 miles (for $50,000) and goes to hell. On another note my Mitsubishi just turned 300000 without ever having an issue and cost 1/3 of my gas guzzling American crap box. Being close to 50YO I have had lot of cars and the Japanese have completely kicked our asses. We have produced nothing but garbage since the 70's. Unless you got tons of spare cash, another car, and lots of patience I would avoid Cadillac and get yourself a Jap car that will last over 200000+ miles. -
one of my coils had 2 of the 4 probes go out. -
My car started running ruff so my Mechanic thought I might need a tune up so I bought new coil packs new boots and new Ac Delco spark plugs and it still running ruff. It stopped briefly but started back. Is there a recall on something on these cars. If you have any suggestions please call me or email me @8103369615 or Ps. I must say that before my car started running ruff my car was so quiet when itv was on you couldn't even tell it was running. -
I've had to change ignition coils at least 4 times in the last year. -
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