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I was dumb and pulled out the distributor replacement without Marking the location of the distributor and rotor on the engine block. i then istalled the new distributor without using the marking and rotor ect... Now my car won't start! Can RepairPal fix this?

Error codes for mass air flow, knock sensor, temp sensor, all were fine before

the rear controller works on all the settings. ths ia a manual system. do you think that is the blower motor speed control and if so where is this located and would this be diy project?
thanks for any/all info.

My 2002 Mercury Villager's gauge started showing that the van is over heating. We check under the hood and it doesn't feel or smell hot. It does this every time we drive it. I thought it might be a faulty gauge. Where should I start looking? I look forward to hearing from you!!

transmission wount shift by it self ,need to remove foot from accelirator to shift

The disturbing aspect is I serviced my van on May 24th and I only use it at weekends since then. Could the smoke be a need to service engine again?

We have exhausted our thoughts on what can be making my van overheat. We replaced the fan motor, replaced thermostat, reseated distributor, had it timed, had new fan relay put in and it blew and replaced again, changed oil and its fine, no milky colored oil. Changed belts for a/c and steering pump, new steering pump, new water pump. Still overheats when sitting at red lights or when a/c is on! A/C blows cold sometimes and warm sometimes. My son in law suggested the a/c clutch may be going out. We are stumped!!