Out of nowhere I noticed the steering wheel has uncentered to the far left (instead of the center at 12 o'clock it has moved to 7 o'clock). Also while turning right even the slightest bit, the entire front right side of the van shakes quite a bit. It seems like one point of the tire is synchronized with the shaking. It is also losing power steering fluid slowly. My wife drives the van so I don't know exactly how the problem has progressed to this point. I don't want her driving, especially with our 2 year old son in it. I can't see anything that seems out of place or shifted besides the steering wheel position and the fluid loss. Thank you.

This started after someone hit ignition switch with hammer and screwdriver but still started now it wont is there a reset switch

What could be the problem

I have pulled and checked all the spark plugs to make sure they're firing of fine. The spark plugs are just fine. Ive even done a tune-up to see if theres something else other the plugs and wires but no change. Ive also checked the air intake but it's cleaner than a whistle. I'm looking for any other options out could be why it could be stalling while accelerating past 35.

AAA replaced the battery, and distributor cap. Now the belts slipping and the air conditioner won't engage. Car seems to run awfully hot. What are my options? What is your advice on the matter?

My mercury villager 1996 model is consuming fuel richly that I can't bear it any more. It's was scanned, and the error of engine sensor and knock 2 sensor shows up, I really want to know if the sensors are repairable and can the 2 sensors make it to consume fuel?

Hi I have a 1997 Mercury Villager I know you're busy I had to replace a brake booster on her I was driving all day everything was fine well other than the bad brake booster but it was driving just fine now so I got home and I got the brake booster from AutoZone I'll be placed it I took out the form holds the retaining clip to the brake cuddle unhook all the braking components and I'll put them both in there and I put everything back together and try to start it no lights or Electronics I have it until your turn on other than the dome lights no bending no problem the Clifton nothing like the normal sounds turning the van on but nothing happens I don't know what's wrong and I'm losing money because I'm a delivery driver please help anyone knows anything please please help

Do I need to replace this to pass state inspection? If yes, how much?

I have a 2000 Villager and I just replaced the cylinder, but now every so often, the steering wheel will lock so I can't move it but the car will continue to move, obviously making it very dangerous. Has anyone had any similar problems with voyager steering wheels?

Where is it and how much to fix

I was dumb and pulled out the distributor replacement without Marking the location of the distributor and rotor on the engine block. i then istalled the new distributor without using the marking and rotor ect... Now my car won't start! Can RepairPal fix this?

Error codes for mass air flow, knock sensor, temp sensor, all were fine before

The erratic idle is with a hissing sound on the back side of the upper intake manifold. Could this be a manifold vacuum leak?

Starts and idles good and revs good but no power when driving wont go over 40 knock sensor showed up once before What could be the cause

the rear controller works on all the settings. ths ia a manual system. do you think that is the blower motor speed control and if so where is this located and would this be diy project?
thanks for any/all info.

The engine turns over no spark and no gas . there was a wire lose on the ignition switch and it sparked I replaced all the fuses now it wont start just turns over.someone told me there is a reset switch on the back of the van somewhere