Start I have adjust the timing belt replaced the gas filter.bthe battery the starter, all the spark plugs cap n rotor n now distributor n it won't start it turns over it just won't run at all

Replaced fuel pump, replaced fuel filter, replaced distributor and disconnected fuel cut off switch. Still is not getting good fuel.

This started after someone hit ignition switch with hammer and screwdriver but still started now it wont is there a reset switch

no control over a/c controller, so self diagnosis is impossible, have already replaced the resistor for the front blower, this unit is also equipped with automatic temp control

the mechanic whom I purchase the vehicle from told me he change the knock sensor 2 times but check engine light still come on and code still read knock sensor. anyone familiar with or know what my issue my be?

front bank is easy I used a stethescope

Distributor was replaced 1 year ago, and fuel pump replaced 3 years ago. I tried a fuel injector cleaner with the gas I added but nothing.

I was told is the distributor or the distributor cap. Wich one should I get