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Want a picture of the timming belt placement on a 1993 mercury villager
1993 van nees a new gas pump in tank
After 200,000 I expect problems! but without any alerting noise, I pulled into the driveway and my mother noticed water dripping out the bottom of the van - where the water from the a/c would drip - but it kept runnin...
My Villager Gs keyless entry doesn't work when its hot outside.I have to use my key and it will unlock the front doors but not the sliding doors. The windows will not come down for nothing. I have to run the air condi...
what order do you put spark plug wires in
It was in storage for 2yrs. Drained all fuel. Replaced plugs & wires. Cleaned cap & rotor. New motor oil,air filter,oil filter. Hard to start (cold or hot). Have to pump gas pedal to start. Runs smooth above 1000rpms....
if i put fuel straight into the air intake it starts but it wont start on its own, the fuel pump is pumping.
My villager has about 150000, and just recently had a ticking in the upper engine, cap and rotor was burnt, just replaced but still ticks, sounds almost like a diesel. Had the problem about 1000 miles before shop foun...
I need to remove both rear seats so I can have maximum space to use for my work.
How Much Does It Cost To Repair Fuel Injectors & How Hard Is It?? Also Would This Cause My Van Not To Start??
It was fine last night but today it will turn over but will not start at all??