A/c is sticking and making car run hard

I went to get a smog test and failed. My check engine light was on and the code p0715 appeared. I changed the speed sensor already and my check engine light turned off, but when I plug it into my obdii the code still appears. I'm not sure if my car will pass

the fan doesn't come on at all but car hasn't gotten hot

Wheel, or slow down. Checked the lug nuts.

Car was running normally, stopped somewhere for 5 minutes and car wont start. Getting fuel, changed camshaft position sensor and checked timing belt.

The timing belt had 3 ribs missing so I replace that and the belt tensioner with new parts. Followed the repair manual on timing the engine. It still will not start. I have spark and fuel. When I turn the crank by hand it jumps time at the crank. Do I need to replace the crankshaft sprocket? Or is there something else I am missing?

Already checked fuel shut off switch, can hear the fuel pump hum...

allready got a lot done,high presure hose is an 18mm and half to buy that to get hose off ,,,advice on bleeding

My son just drove the car 200+ miles back to college. Upon arrival he noticed oil leak. He hasn't driven the car since. Checked the oil and little to none left. Any suggestions on where it could be leaking or what the problem could be?

Ordered a reat motor mount shop ssys iys right 1 but looks nothing like what's in there where can i find a picture of what should. look like

the plugs seem to be wet with fuel,it will not fire at all

have changed caliper,pads,rotors and end tie rod.only happens when braking