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Car was running normally, stopped somewhere for 5 minutes and car wont start. Getting fuel, changed camshaft position sensor and checked timing belt.
The timing belt had 3 ribs missing so I replace that and the belt tensioner with new parts. Followed the repair manual on timing the engine. It still will not start. I have spark and fuel. When I turn the crank by han...
Already checked fuel shut off switch, can hear the fuel pump hum...
allready got a lot done,high presure hose is an 18mm and half to buy that to get hose off ,,,advice on bleeding
My son just drove the car 200+ miles back to college. Upon arrival he noticed oil leak. He hasn't driven the car since. Checked the oil and little to none left. Any suggestions on where it could be leaking or what...
Ordered a reat motor mount shop ssys iys right 1 but looks nothing like what's in there where can i find a picture of what should. look like
the plugs seem to be wet with fuel,it will not fire at all
have changed caliper,pads,rotors and end tie rod.only happens when braking
daughter was driving home when the car just died, it will crank over but you smell gas fumes and when you look at the dip stick it smells like gas
The clutch pedal went to the floor, and it won't release properly. If you jiggle the pedal it will come up, and if you very carefully depress the clutch, and press on the throttle, you can shift into first and second...
can not get any leverage behind the inner cvj with any type of pry bar what can i do?