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I got a new alternator, starter pack and battery. My power seatbelts and turn signals stopped working. My car wont stay running. It stalls when I get done the road or before getting out of the driveway and wont start. It may or may not the following day. What is my problem?

My seatbelts are the kind that slide over your chest and the second part is on the floor and has to be pulled over your lap. I just had the alternator and starter coil.....pack??? replaced. Turn signals not working. Do the seatbelts work off the turn signal switch? Fuses were looked at and are fine

The car just cut out on the freeway, and will not start. The fuel pump is working and I get a spark at the plugs.

The Belt just turns and turns and won't turn on no spark

hot wire from batter look like it cut and i can not find were it go to.

Why does my car hesitate to run when I step on the gas or change gear?

We have a 1997 and 1999 for parts. Both have 2.0 engines with good transmissions and bad engines. We have a 1995 1.9 with a bad transmission, but good engine. We would like to know if the transmissions are exchangeable. Thanks!

Do i need a stronger batt or shouldnt the alt keep the car running. It dies as soon as i take the cables off.+ or -

I'm not getting any circulation out of transmission

A/c is sticking and making car run hard

I'm having difficulty keeping the tension off the tensioner is there a way to lock it open do I need to remove the top motor mount for more room or what

there's been no signs of anything going out. all the sudden don't start. not battery, it don't jump start,nothing

I checked the timing belt and it was ok

i tried putting the key in ignition, bucking belts and removing fuses, nothing works. Please help

I went to get a smog test and failed. My check engine light was on and the code p0715 appeared. I changed the speed sensor already and my check engine light turned off, but when I plug it into my obdii the code still appears. I'm not sure if my car will pass

went home on lunch break. went to leave to go back to work, no power. key turns, no lights or noises made. just silence. tried screwing with the battery wires. I got nothing

Pink fluid drips on my clutch foot. Can't tell where it's coming from or what it is

kid just got car it has no power changed plugs helped a little but still acts up no power and some poping

i turn it on and it will idle then 2 sec later it stalls out and the oil light comes on but i know there is enough oil i check it multiple times

Changed computer still didn't work. No check engine light on either.

the fan doesn't come on at all but car hasn't gotten hot

Directions for doing this myself and how long will it take to complete?

Wheel, or slow down. Checked the lug nuts.

A clacking noise occurs in the rear end when applying brakes at low speeds, and It happens almost every time if car is moving under 20 mph.