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Sometimes after you turn the car off it may start back. But most of the time now it will not.
with auto temp control unit when set to ac air should be blowing out of vents but instead blows out of the defrosters.Sometimes it switches back and forth and sometimes when driving on an incline it will switch back a...
3.0 how do you get to number 1 2 spark plug
i bought the car used, and need to know how I go about getting the recalls fixed.
after adding oil it turned off but came back on 2 days latter. I added oil again and now its just a steady light and I am not sure what it can be? I am wondering does this mean I have an oil leak?
Car will not start some times cold or hot after 15-30 minutes will run fine for days at a time ,car runs fine no missing stalling Turns over good no battery problems Ford people has it 3days no error codes found T...
I know there were recalls up to 2001 for this problem....however, it appears that shields were not installed in later models..... I had to replace both front struts and buy a new tire. I would like to know if anyone ...
When I go steady speed I can use my defroster and it's but when I'm idle at a stop sign or stop light it shuts off please help