The keyless entry alarm goes on several times a day and it's something that may happen three days a week and then skip a few days and then does it again.

It sputters when I give it gas and when I let up on the throdle it stops spidering. And going threw a lot of gas. Smell real bad like gas after I shut it off

My car used to be able to get jumped and it started right up. Now it just barely makes one small single click sound. All the lights turn on and they do not even seem dim... It is extremely cold where I live. So maybe the starter needs to be replaced or the solenoid or I should I just go buy a new battery? Please any light shed on this ridiculous situation, would be greatly appreciated.. thanks guys

we have tried everything and told this is why we hve no brakes the main brake box i need

I just need to get the old one out w/o doing any damage. That's it, thanks.

my daughters car is drivin me nuts. i have replaced the tps, idle air control valve, ecm(and had it flashed), mass air flow sensor, fuel pressure sensor and the fuel pump drive module. the new ecm isnt givin me any codes. im at my wits end please cant someone point me in the right direction? the cost of parts is workin on me too!

checked the hoses front washer not working i filled it with fluid rear one works do i replace front washer

If it's just my wife and I it dose ok but if we go shoping or have one of our daughter's with us it rubs the rear fender real bad..what is it, how do i fix it.

started car took off driving acted like it had power surge battery light stays on

how can i tell if my washer pump is bad (front) rear one works ok

it has a 3.0DOHC . It happens only when I speed up when I;m driving

Makes a click noise when trying to start

Try to replace this sensor. Cannot find it

After a certain period of time it starts as nothings happened and continuously does it over n over

I already checked fluid and linkages, they worked fine. was working fine then nothing. Works on column but wont even try to engage in any gear

The car died again after headed back home on the interstate but then just rolled over like out of gas but had a full tank?

need to replace it

getting spark ,fuel, compresion , about 35lbs of fuel presure when i hook up a code reader kept saying cumputer has no ptdtcs to read

can anyone tell me anything


Ive misplaced my only key to start my car and im trying to decide the best way to get a new one without spending a small fortune

it's been broken by hitting a mailbox

I want to put front mount's on but I need to know how many??

Since I have replaced the alternator my battery light stays on and it says to check charging system. Auto zone checked alternator and said it is working properly.

We have had it towed to a repair shop. It has been said that it is a transmission problem. Can you shed any info on this & approximate cost to repair? Even tho 15 yrs old the car only has 51,000 miles. Thx for your help. Bill

Amy help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Have had an issue with my car for a couple weeks now. The car idles low - around 400RPM, and then stalls out. Stalls out when putting it in gear.

MAF Sensor looks clean, have replaced the AC Compressor (since the pulley was shot and was about to throw the belt.) Replaced the belt along with it. Have replaced the battery (One code that popped was "Keep alive voltage low") The IAC Valve looks clean, the vacuum lines aren't cracked or leaking as far as I can tell. I'm unsure where to go, as I've grown tired of putting parts in. (Along with replacing both front hubs / bearings, lower ball joints, and Axle shafts two weeks prior to this issue starting)

I have an extra Chevy 350 small block engine and was wondering if I could replace the Sable's engine with it. Or is it impossible?

it was cold before charge why is it hot now

I just replaced lower control arm and front sway bar bushing and bracket and now car dings without key in the ignition and steering wheel didn't lock. Pleases help

Thank you D