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shut down while driving

The keyless entry alarm goes on several times a day and it's something that may happen three days a week and then skip a few days and then does it again.

my daughters car is drivin me nuts. i have replaced the tps, idle air control valve, ecm(and had it flashed), mass air flow sensor, fuel pressure sensor and the fuel pump drive module. the new ecm isnt givin me any codes. im at my wits end please cant someone point me in the right direction? the cost of parts is workin on me too!

vehicle lacks high speed power, attached a back pressure gauge in 02 sensor hole readings jump pass 3.0 psi at idle. has 3 catalyst converters how do I find out which one is bad. Miles on car is 150,759.

It has a bit of heat if it is set on lowest fan setting but really next to none. Checked fluid/antifreeze. It also does not seem to have normal fan strength compared to my other cars. If need to defrost and warm interior it would take an hour and not be much different

I cut either one off And the squeaking stops

any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks

I have had the alt. Bench tested and it's good . Battery light is on in the dash .it's smoking black smoke due to flooding. Will only run at idle . Have replaced fuEl pump. Mega fuse is good and all grounds and fuses . This car did fix itself for one day,and went right back to doing the same stuff. There is a culprit for all these problems just not sure what it is . I do know pcm cotrols when the,alt. Charges . The pcm is 250 dollars and I need to make sure it is defected b 4 I replace . Help me please

The battery light is on in the dash . The alternator is not putting out any charge . I put a new alternator on it and still not charging . The fuel pressure is very eratic and flooding . I did replace the file pump also . All fuses are good and grounds . I checked the mega fuse also . I do know the pcm tells the alternator when to charget . A pcm is very expensive and I hear it has,to be programmed and chipped. Does anyone have any other suggestions

I'm getting fuel to the plugs, engine cranks strong, and getting spark to the plugs. Could it be old gas? It did start yesterday when I went to turn it around. It has sat for some time and I start it every week or so. Diagnostics show no codes.

ok the a/c works fine but when I turn it to heat it only heats up for about 10 mins and then blows cool air I have flushed the engine checked all the vacauum hoses and still the same and replaced the pressure cap for the antifreeze resivore.

Coming home from the store and the check engine light starts flashing continuously. Got home and popped the hood and the antifreeze is boiling. Kinda weird because my temp gauge works fine and never moved to the red level when this all occurred. Also, my car is running rough and wants to putt putt when I hit the accelerator. Hearing some whispers my Cataylic Convertor could be clogged/stopped up. If so, what would be a ball park for parts and labor? Thanks.