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Car won't go over 40 and drives slow
when i shut off engine and take key out the car starts up again and i have to put key back in and turn to on and then shut off and take key out to shut the engine off
all the time when cold weather runs fine in hot weather has misfire code 301 302 303 change coil pack and plugs and wires came back in two days
I tried a new bulb,. and still have the same problem what is the next step.
I was driving and it shut off will not start. Ive changed spark plugs & wires, cams & crank shaft sensors, coil pack. Still wont start! please help
I know my compressor is out, but it was raining really bad one night and my windows were fogging up. I had to turn on the defrost so I could see. So for two days now I have a horrible noise coming from what I think ...
replaced hvac actuator, thermostat and anti freeze A/C works fine for now however, i get no heat