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The horn on the car stopped working suddenly. Where is the horn relay located on a 1999 Mercury Sable. I was told that all of the fuses appear to be intact. Any ideas what can cause your horn to stop?
overheated and replaced blown head gasket, now car wont start
Please include all details and any tips, would be greatly appreciated. They got down to the 3 bolts behind the wheel, but couldn't reach, it seems like the axel has to come off first? Is this a job that can be done i...
how difficult of a procedure is it to remove the headlight assembly
How can I tell if I need power steering rack boots and, if so, is it an expensive repair? Thanks.
I cannot detect any problem. The mechanic tells me my power steering boots are torn???
e-mail address is: tomz215@yahoo.com
after driving on the highway for 40 mins or so my car will stall. it will turn over but wont start. after the car cools down (about 30 to 40 mins) it will start back up again. is there some kind of sensor that might ...
The speedometer and rpm gauge do not move/work. Fuel and Temp gauges work normal. Cruise control still works. Have to idea how to troubleshoot.
Need to know what the normal spark plug gap is for the 1999 Mercury Sable with a V6, DOH.
when driving over 35 mph, a loud noise (humming like) seems to be coming from the front end.
this leak occurred after last oil change. The oil pan was changed approx 5 years ago
What is value of 99 mercury sable that needs a transmission?
I took my car in for a burning smell and loud noise when starting the vehicle. (99 merc. sable). I was charged 800.00 for a serp belt,water pump, and alternator. Within a week the burning smell and loud noise is ba...
one tire is straight but the other is inwords i try to turn the wheel but the tires move in sperate directions