What would cause this problem.

There is no pressure or resistance at all when I pump the brake pedal. There is brake fluid in the reservoir.
I have no idea at all as to any other brake problems that he might have had in the past.

Any suggestions on the problem and solution?

i've brought a new battery.and altanator it still shuts off

I have done all the things everyone has told me to do on here and now the battery light if flashing again now what??

I can drive it clear across town and it will start blinking like crazy. It has been checked three times and it checks out good could the voltage regulator in it be acting up??

the car does start but the battery acts like its draining!!there is no switches on or lights!! it runs good but when you accellerate it flashes what would cause this??

Caused one of my vacuum lines to melt

most of the time it happens when driving at night or day battery seems to get drained in the process. Had alternator, starter and battery terminals all replaced but it is still doing same thing.

Sometimes when I put my car in park the rpms start getting higher and higher until I have to cut car off to stop it.

replaced battery and alternator after about 2 months now when I try to start it kind of drags then starts up or makes no sound then starts up

Had to replace oxygen sensor. cleared codes but they still come back on saying oxygen sensor needs replaced

Hubby had hot air coming out at first, then he shut off the car. When he restarted, only cold air. He "burped" accordingly. He states that he hears a flapping, (like maybe a small "door" is loose?) in the duct work. The hoses are hot going into the heater core, and also coming out...please help.

I checked the battery and it's good. I tightened the battery cables and checked the fuses. When it is hooked to another vehicle it will turn over but not start. When disengaged from the other car it acts dead. It happened a few times. Then I got it started and drove it down the highway at 65 for 1 1/2 hrs .I thought maybe it wasn't getting charged enough. It was fine for a few days then did it again. I messed with the wiper switch while turning it over and it finally started. A few days later it stopped and hasn't started again