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I haven't changed fuel filter since I had car because I couldn't find it. I have now but havent been able to change due to cash flow. Thats also reason ive been running tank low on gas. I know, not good! My service en...
There was no indication that I was having any previous problem. It had been running and starting just fine. Engine will turn over, but not start.
I have a p0340 code from the emission test
while driving electric windows will not work.when I stop and put car in park, they work fine. can you help?
I had air pump replaced hoses checked a local mechanic could not find the problem,the pump works its when the test is about through it stops causing the code please help cannot pass Oregon deq!
There is a loud knocking sound coming from top end twards ack of motor but when you push the gas a bring the rpm it don't knock as loud
Original owner, 133K miles, flushed system every 50K--Engine is Overheating after 10 to 15 mins. Upper hose line to radiator shakes w/ bubbling when hot and overflow cap whistles with new & proper mix of fluid. No ho...
The low power happens mostly when in first gear with either acceleration or slowing down.
I have changed fluid and filter and added lucas trany additive and cured this problem before! But is their a problem with these trans I don't know about?