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have been told at the front of the engine no such animal up there.
Usually when I'm parked on idle for long I see the rpm struggling to stay up.yesterday it died and it couldn't stay on...what are the possible reasons of this?
power seats up and down work but forward and back doesn't, power windows,seats, and locks on same circut. Windows work
Recently, My Car Wouldn't Start and So I Replaced Ignition Cylinder (it would spin around) but Car Still Wouldn't Start. Replaced Battery without Success and Had My Car Looked at. Ended Up Being the Starter. Car Ran F...
water is getting into headlight causing bulb to go out
During the winter months, the Sable will start up fine in the morning but as you drive it to work or school, the engine just dies. If you pull over it starts up again, but it will continue to die depending how far you...
rod was off is there a clip or a drawing of how it works
The lock code on the driver side wont work the nine or something is messed up and when i put my key in the door it wont turn to unlock the door. I dont know whats wrong with it.
Replaced Dist. Cap, Air Flow Sensor. Plug Wires...Light still comes on. When scanned, no codes found...Should i replace the ECM?
I have looked everywhere on the lower radiator and simply can not see a drain. Thanks in advance - Dom
Our 1995 Mercury Sable recently hit the 100,000 mark. Of course the transmission is starting to go out on it. We can't reverse but still able to drive it forward. It's an awsome care and drives beautifully - don't w...
I am told, filler tube is no longer available. I could not afford it any way. Is there a way to safely mickey mouse this? Any OEM or after market filler tubes?
had system checked, found it was not holding a vacuum of 29inches.I then used a leak detector which showed up green with a strobe light, saw where this fluid was leaking through a switch connected to the compressor.I ...
how to remove or fix my k frame and where do i start.