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why would battery light be on at idle just replaced alt still dosent work battery tested good but light goes off when throttle engaged
I need to know where the idle air control valve is located at in the engine compartment. Thank you.
shifts to overdrive on its own without pushing overdrive button on gearshift
To whom it may concern; The drivers side window on my 98 Mercury Mystique rolls down half and inch only. It sounds like it is getting stuck on something. I removed the panel and the motor is attached to a cable sys...
i want to know what other vehicles engines will fit in my car
How do you remove the front seat of a 98 mercury, the seat wont slide back. cyberaries@yahoo.com
Replacing the battery on a 1998 Mercury Mystique I noticed what looks like a vacuum line attached to a 8''x8'' box under the battery platform. The other end of this vacuum line is not connected to anything. I connect...
yesterday. check engine light stays on even when cleared.comes back on in 90 seconds.test show code p1518
I had a remodeled transmission installed. I lasted 8 months and my car stopped moving. I've taken it in and they want to install another transmission for over $2,000 with a 3 yr. warranty. This shop is in Menomonee...
how to replace fuel pump
Blower fan works - heat comes out around the front window only. No heat on the floor, the front panel, etc. Just from where the defrost normally comes out in the front. What needs replaced and how. Thanks in advan...
Gear Shift is working sporaticly. When shifted into drive motor rases and car might not move or might move in reverse. Shifting into Park dose hold, thank goodness. When shifting from park to drive, car stalls, motor...
how do i change the starter
Ever time I try to fuel up the fuel runs out of the filler pipe. I have tryed puting fuel with gas gas can still the same. Fuel goes very slow in tank