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The remote that locks and unlocks doors does not work. The door mounted power door locks also does not work. Replaced the fuse And the batteries in the remote it still wont work to open doors or trunk.
I've worn out 2 sets of tires on the insides while the outsides don't look worn at all in 10,000 miles.
I am trying to replace my drivers side lower control arm hut cannot access the bolt because the transmission/engine is in the way. I looked at the front motor mount and the nut is oddly shaped. I would like to know wh...
Car overheats in minutes, doesn't blow white smoke or lose any anti-freeze. Replaced thermostat, radiator cap, water pump and flushed radiator. Radiator stays cold and system doesn't pressurize
Ok car starts up goes into drive no problem. Hard shift into 2nd and slips going into 3rd and fourth. Vacuum sensor? And to end of engine is knocking hard when it's cold and starts up but decreases in noise when warm....
Tried priming. Fuelpump is working. Car is turning over but won't start
water pump,heater core, thermostat,radiator cap,and flushed the system. dont know why it wont hold pressure, and it does not use any fluid.
Replaced fuel filter,air filter,M.A.S.,pcv filter in air box,cleaned idle control valve,new computer with update flash(car acts the same with no check engine light),change oil and with proper oil filter,recharged air ...
Car has been sitting for 5 years or so. I drained tank, filled with new gas & changed filter. Fuse, inertia switch, & relay are good. Car starts while spraying starting fluid into air intake. Checked fuel pump wires; ...
the ignition now that its been replaced the only thing it will do is all the lights on dash will work I just wont start....
Get dash lights, alarm but won't start. Have to wiggle key in order to get back dah lights and alarm
Brand new battery and alternator. Car will start, but slowly idles down until it shuts off completely. A friend who replaced the alternator thought it could be the electronic throttle? Said something about it bei...
i changed thermostat it runs hot and heater not working it worked before i flushed the heater core lines
Getting fuel to the injectors ok checked the line.
1998 Mercury Mystique. This car will stall when hot outside, and especially when it is hot outside and the A.C. is on. What can this be?
I removed the caliper and the rotor should come off. I did all the lubing to see if rust was the problem. Is there a trick to take off the center large nut? most cars you just slide rotor over and off.
how many hours does it take to replace a complete engine harness