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Ok car starts up goes into drive no problem. Hard shift into 2nd and slips going into 3rd and fourth. Vacuum sensor? And to end of engine is knocking hard when it's cold and starts up but decreases in noise when warm....
flashers turned on causes brake lights to work only turn signals still not operating nor are the flashers flashing turn off flashers northing works
where i can repair this? ,near a round me,,,i live at...2722 university blvd w sanjose..
ok so my fiancee and I thawed out the lines using space heaters and a tarp and then a whole lot of brownish red fluid came gushing out from somewhere under the car, what could the problem be?
Haveing trans problems. When I start the engine, I let it warm up for 1 min. Then I put it in drive, will not move forward or backwards. After a few mins it moves. It only does this when it is cold. Need Help.
My brake lights do not work, except the one on the back window. I replaced the switch on the back of the brake peddle also checked the fuses. Please Help.
when I start my car my high beam light singal keeps flashing except when I have my high beams on
Both headlights went out after I replaced a fuse for my windows.
Engine light on. P0171 code error replaced o2 sensors. Replaced Fuel pressure regulator.
I'm replacing front pads on my 97 Mercury Mystique, what should be a simple job. Have the caliper off, pressed in the cylinder and installed the inner pad, no problem. Then when trying to install the outer pad, it w...
is the 2.0 4 cyl. engine a non-interfearance motor?
how do i make sure it didnt skip time when the belt started runnig off the gears and pullys and or how do i time it
I bought one of theses and the battery is junk and not the right one, what size is it or what do i need to know to get a good one that is the correct size please let me know
where is the hi-amp alternator fuse on the firewall located?