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temp gauge went to hot& back to normal ,car shut of while driving. turned over but would not start.pulled plug wire & found oil halfway up two plugs. what would cause this?
Found oil halfway up plug when i was going to pull one out. iwhat. would cause this?
today i put the old one in and the car didnt stall but check engine light came on with the new mass air sensor the check engine was off what would the car to run rough
f6rz9c915da is the ford part number and it has been discountued. Must be another part that will work from a diferent model.
I put it in gear and push on gas it asks like there is a lot of rain,snow or ice. Had it checked out, person said it was traction sensor.
I'm looking for part S3206 with the greatest reliability.
Looking for the r and r of a starter on a 1996 2.0 Mystique
It works fine when the temperature outside is warm, but when it's cold, it doesn't want to go into park.
was driving n out of blue shifter did not want to go in gear it finally did and drove bit more til nxt red light then the gear went in fine but when press on gas it woulnt go, just winde out, help
dash lights went out and have no bad fuses that i can see
automatic transmission problems. slipping, hard shifting, safety mode