2006 Mercury Monterey Questions

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Have to turn off and on to get back in drive

Light has come on less since weather got colder, flashing and sputtering 1st time yesterday. No diagnostic code

the gauges and lites goes crazy when going down the highway but doesnt lose power. now it wont start. cant find model on list but its a pasco

The liftgate power button inside nor the key button will activate the lift gate. The interior light does not go out after is turned off, draining battery.

How do you remove the cruise control switches on the steering wheel. I have the necessary skills, I don't have the repair manual providing the step by step proceedure.

The cruise control will not engage at any speed, cruise control light will flicker when switch is engaged but does not remain on and will not engage.

At about 40 mph, the van starts sputter.It feels like it wants to backfire, but it does not. after that it will be fine. It continues to accelerate fine. One time I heard a knock from the engine. The check engine light came on once for about 5 seconds. Replaced fuel and air filter, still does it.