When I fill my van up it wants to die on idle sometimes it does die and sometimes it just sputters and catches the right idle rpm. After fill up it will die when driving and sometimes it runs just fine.. it's been in the shop three times and he can't find anything the matter with it bc it doesn't happen to him when he drives it.. it's really bad after I fill it up completely with fuel.. but it's not all the time that it does it. It does sputter or cut out when driving as well.

The air just started blowing hot from drivers side but still cold on the passenger side and the back.

Have to turn off and on to get back in drive

the light stays on for a reason

light has come on saying that

They will complete 1 wipe and get stuck in the up position, have to be manually pushed down.

Changing the ac clutch but the press doesn't fit from parts store?

While driving at 35mph thru town, I go to go up bridge n my van starts hesitating n I have to stomp on pedal n prm goes to 3 n it stops sputtering

both switches for the windows went out at the same time

Pulled code p0193 so Replaced fuel pressure sensor and still won't start. I have replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, airflow sensor all recently. Also pulling code P0198 for fuel temp sensor..... only car and pregnant with two kids and am desperate.

I was told by a mechanic that since I have never had a transmission flush on my 2005 mercury monterey. It would do more harm than good to get one now. What is your opinion?

Changed thermostat

Light has come on less since weather got colder, flashing and sputtering 1st time yesterday. No diagnostic code

time wise to replase oil pan

I've had the van for a year (bought used in Oct13 its now Oct14) I've replaced the battery (6months ago) and the alternator (1 month ago) the van will start one day and a couple days later not start without being jumped. I don't drive it every day and I make sure all lights are off and doors are closed before I walk away, so they don't drain the battery.
Also the buttons on top that control the psd stopped working. any ideas as to what could cause this?

At idle I'm kinda leaning towards the converter being plugged up or egr may be bad dash says its getting 10 mpg something def wrong anyone got any ideas?thx

The van has dual climate control and rear air . I took battery cable off for ten minutes to see if would reset no change. Right side heats and cools, left side stays cool and will not change is there a way too tell if motor is bad? heat is working on left rear but I dont know if it runs off that damper.