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I was told by a mechanic that since I have never had a transmission flush on my 2005 mercury monterey. It would do more harm than good to get one now. What is your opinion?
I've had the van for a year (bought used in Oct13 its now Oct14) I've replaced the battery (6months ago) and the alternator (1 month ago) the van will start one day and a couple days later not start without being jump...
At idle I'm kinda leaning towards the converter being plugged up or egr may be bad dash says its getting 10 mpg something def wrong anyone got any ideas?thx
The van has dual climate control and rear air . I took battery cable off for ten minutes to see if would reset no change. Right side heats and cools, left side stays cool and will not change is there a way too tell if...
i was told it was fuel pump done that and still shutting off
Trying to retrieve gift card that fell between front windshield and dashboard
When the car sets overnight and is started, there's a sound like a power steering pump that is low on fluid. It only lasts a split second. Shut it down and restart it and there's no noise at all.
No codes in my husband's scanner. The doors make locking sounds when we hit the power buttons, but they dont open. Is this a locking issue? Just dont understand why we cant even manually open the doors
We change the oil and it goes away for a few months. We change the synthetic oil about every 2 months whenever the problem comes back. How do we fix this? Check engine light flashes when it gets bad. Check engine cod...
The driver side window works fine
i hear clanking noises when i go over bumps. it sounds like it is up front. mechanics have tried but unable to find what is causing the noise.