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time wise to replase oil pan
In the morning my battary is dead.after starting car I disconnected battary it runs fine .reconnect and in the morning again battary is dead.put new battary in and same thing. I noticed the radio doesn't turn off anym...
I have looked in the owner's manual but still can't figure out how to get to the fuse to replace it.
If I let the van sit a while the window will go back up. Is this a fuse, the window regulator or the motor. Anyone got some ideas?
There are no trouble codes. I can't even get the cruise control light to come on at all. And it Has not worked One since I've bought the vehicle.
the sensors work ,but are highly intermittent
Had a misfire in cylinder 3, changed plugs and wires and then coil pack. Now van is backfiring during acceleration. Could the wires be on in the wrong order?
It just started today. Every time I turn around, it is going off. There are no messages on the dash of my car. Everything else seems to work perfectly.