My car stop cranking so I recently changed the starter and battery and everything comes on fine but the car still won't start.What could be the problem now, and what should my next step be to do??

It's not the battery..all the electrical things work I have to turn the switch a number of times before it's cranks. It's almost like it's not getting a signal from the engine

Where is fuse for windshield washer fuse located
Number of fuse

Field Service Action #13N03

I had a really bad rear window seal and it caused premature rust on my vehicle which they will not stand behind...and the vehicle was only a couple of years upset with Fords customer service.

The shaking is slight and started a week ago. Power steering issue only happened twice and corrected once I turned my car off and back on.

A few months back (July) I had to replace my Fuel Pressure Sensor and now my Check Engine light is back on and giving me the SAME CODE! Why does this part keep going out? Is there something else wrong I should be fixing?


Ive tried to find the right bolt and have no luck please help. Thank you

I want to reset the oil change indicator

My 2009 started to leak on driver side 5,000 miles ago but did not realize it was from my car. I finally suspected it was me and took to the dealership. They said I could not drive due to safety reasons and gave me a loaner (junk) and said the part might be in sometime in March. (Today is Jan 27.) I'm extremely upset that I was unaware of this "common problem." Why is Ford not telling people to get this checked out? I drove this for 5,000+ miles before I found out this was my car. What if I got stranded night, etc.? I'm livid! I have to wonder if this isn't some kind of cover up by Ford? Once they fix this problem...what are the chances it will recur? Can I expect my other three axle things to do the same? I'm almost out of warranty and can't afford costly repairs. I have driven Toyotas, VW's, Renault, new VW, etc...and NEVER had to take any of them in for any kind of repairs. I'm so disappointed. I bought a Ford to appease my I'm sorry I did. Thanks for your help.

I got a message " Oil change required". After changing oil, this message still persists despite resetting. What can be done