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I just purchased a Mercury 2006 Mariner SUV not even a week ago. Just yesterday in driving home the check engine light comes on and system states check emissions system. What does this mean? The was purchased ASIS ...
I was driving down the highway and the battery light came up. i restarted my car and it went off and i drove again and it went back on. Why does it keep going on and off. I drove home and it stayed on.
When I go to my local Auto Zone, they put the hand held diagnostic device on the car and it says, "check emissions, fuel system. I have that "no gas cap" fuel filler pipe. Is there a fix for this problem? Having th...
When push gas goes off nd it says that the back is open when it's not
emmison light stay on
ly the dash lights, i checked the battery its fine i check the fuzes they are fine what else could be the problem if any one could help me out that would be great
111,000mi. Jerking motion when at speed of 55-58mph. No sensor lights showing, no change in rpm on dash. Occurs when roads are wet and snow covered.
I put the key in and nothing happens. I have all interior lights so I know its not the battery. Seems to me that the starter will not engage. Please help! Thanks.....Will
I have a new seat heater control in hand, but am unable to locate the old one under the seat.
batt unhooked for week or two while changing radiator fans
batt was unhooked for week while changing blower fans (radiator)
steering fluid change
Pretty sure its a short but dont know where to start to try to fix it. Can't get radio out. CD player will play but no sound. Speaker problem? I hit a bump and it will have sound for a second then goes out again. Any ...