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I just purchased a Mercury 2006 Mariner SUV not even a week ago. Just yesterday in driving home the check engine light comes on and system states check emissions system. What does this mean? The was purchased ASIS ...
No codes come up. First it just clicked checked battery it was fully charged changed the starter now there is nothing
No check engine light. Drove fine one minute and attempted to drive again after returning from a 4G min drive and it would not go into third gear.
makes no difference if the lights are on or off. Yes the dimmer swithch is on full. The car does have auto off/on for the headlights.
Do you use them to pull it out, or do you collapse the compression brackets with them or what? Thanks Have a cd that isn't working and think easiest thing would be to replace but need to get out first. bob
Bought vehicle used earlier this year and display worked intermittently for s short while then blanked out completely.
do i need to take the manifold apart to find it?
I have replaced the bulb, relay, and fuse, the problem is still not fixed, left turn signal in front blinks rapidly. What are other possible causes to this problem?
Tried to lower spare tire using the spare tire winch assembly. (Followed directions - turned counterclockwise). Cable from rear bumper to winch assembly broke! So how can I lower the spare tire now.
How do repair this problem?
Dealers cannot keep Transfer Case in stock. Were there recalls?
transfer case needs to be replaced, on backorder @ dealer and after-market. Was there a recall?
My Mariner has 71,000 miles & is running great, but the "service brake system" and "service emissions" lights come on & then go off every once in a while. I live in MN, I wonder if some ice or dirt has built up on th...