If I remember correctly, this can be fixed by resetting something in the cars computer. Can anyone second so I can tell the mechanic wat it is?

can replacing an oxygen sensor cause an oil leak

It runs at about 1700 to 2000 rpms. Appears to take a little longer to shift.

There is a lock light blinking on the dash im stuck at a gas station

I just purchased a Mercury 2006 Mariner SUV not even a week ago. Just yesterday in driving home the check engine light comes on and system states check emissions system. What does this mean? The was purchased ASIS so can't go back to the dealer to get any help. The car came with no owners manuel so I need to look everything up on the internet.

No codes come up. First it just clicked checked battery it was fully charged changed the starter now there is nothing

No check engine light. Drove fine one minute and attempted to drive again after returning from a 4G min drive and it would not go into third gear.