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while at normal speed a sudden lose of power as i was braking all my gauges went to zero i shut the car off and massive steam engulfed the front of car. My temp gauge never read hot, and now it wont start.
Since it is probably a sensor, how far is it okay to drive it? If I depress the clutch, it seems to make the light go off sooner.
It will also shut off when i am driving. Sometimes it will take forever to start.
After allowing the car to idle for a while the check engine light came on and now is on every time I drive the car. The car has @44000.00 miles on it. Can I still drive it?
the ticking has happened for a long time,Iam not sure if it happened since new , the car runs great except for poor gas mileage
need a pic or something or web site to find one if possable
i got a new o2senser the cod said i needed it for the 1 bank
Dealer says short in my heater and gave me an enormous estimate Sometimes heater works ok and sometimes just blows cold air Whats ur solution and how much should it cost?
GasCap would not Pop Open
There is knocking coming from the manual transmission when the clutch is engaged. The sound goes away when the clutch is no longer engaged.
I had new plugs installed within last 2,000 miles on my RX8. They came with a 30,000 mile warranty. I now have un-even acceleration at starts. Dealer says probably need new cables and coils. How much should this c...
Vehicle will on occasion go over 35mph (on occasion) go over 5000 rpms. Standard AutoZone Reader will not pick up any codes for the check engine light, nor will the Genesis (Unsure of model). Pulled spark plugs, need...
i just put in a new clutch but my car will not go into gear, we kept bleeding it but theres no pressure on the pedal, could this be the slave cylinder?