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The car jerks when going from 1st to 2nd gear and when changing it from park to drive and reverse to drive. I had the transmission oil checked and it was fine.
Reman engine w/2000K, new coils, plugs/wires, california cat was installed 1/22/15 because it would not pass emissions, after this it passed and drives great. On 4/11/15, the vacuum cleaner sound was underneath my hoo...
After I deflooded the car, i took her for a drive then after 5 minutes driving fine, she backfired and then she now she can barely go 25 mph! I hooked it up to a code reader and she shows: U0101 and C, EV, 2A, O fla...
while at normal speed a sudden lose of power as i was braking all my gauges went to zero i shut the car off and massive steam engulfed the front of car. My temp gauge never read hot, and now it wont start.
I know there is no such thing as a cheap engine replacement but I have low compression and all th other typical rx-8 problems but I have to get this engine replaced and as a blond I don't know a whole lot.
battery charged and lights work but the engine wont hear this humming sound but wont turn over
Went to get oil changed and they said I had a cracked head. I didn't notice it driving different
when start driving it will drop.i check thermostat,water pump and radiatorall in good condation.
Car looses power when driving, seem's to happen when I'm making a turn. Doesn't matter which direction I go, it stalls.
Its mainly when its a hot day or in driving over 70mph but the temperature gauge is displaying no more than 50% on the scale from cold to hot!
After inspection I can see smoke and alloy turning black. Kwik Fit cannot find issue with the caliper. Any idea what this is. Have only done 33k miles.
Since it is probably a sensor, how far is it okay to drive it? If I depress the clutch, it seems to make the light go off sooner.
my car is hard to start it take a long time to start it
2004 RX8 6MT 93,xxx miles. I recently got the 2 CEL codes p2070 and p0410. I checked round and found that the 0410 is a result of the 2070 code. I know that it's the SSV stuck open code. So here's my question. I haven...
Difficult to start, dies when pushing the clutch in especially in low gears, minimal power, sounds strained, horrible burning smell, check engine light on obviously. Just happened all of a sudden.
It will also shut off when i am driving. Sometimes it will take forever to start.
She ran it out of oil now the engine is flooded does not make sense to me
After allowing the car to idle for a while the check engine light came on and now is on every time I drive the car. The car has @44000.00 miles on it. Can I still drive it?
Garage av told me I need a new engine at a cost of 2000 but car still drives but misfires could it be something else
It keeps coming on when I'm driving. I took it to Good Year and I replaced all 4 tires, put nitrogen on all 4, got a wheel allignment. I drove it and it still comes on. Any ideas?
The engine is turning over. The battery appear to be ok???