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I was told idle air control I changed it but still have the same issue
think it transmission or clutch .worse when warmed up ?
I watched a video and I still do not see the dip stick for the transmission fluid. Please contact me asap
Hi it just happen I turn my car off and my turning lights and rear side marker lights stay on the only way I can get the lights to turn off when I disconnect the battery
Also has a shudder at approx. 60-65 mph at intervals of approx. 2 seconds. Started after replacing 2 back tires. I took it back in and they said the balance was fine.
Back wheels are wearing uneven. Tread looks like a roller coaster.
Reman engine w/2000K, new coils, plugs/wires, california cat was installed 1/22/15 because it would not pass emissions, after this it passed and drives great. On 4/11/15, the vacuum cleaner sound was underneath my hoo...
Fuel pressure is fine but when I try to start it acts like its starting and then doesn't
rough idle also, I do most all my own repairs, i just need to know where to start thank you
once you put the key in and start car when you turn it off it will turn engine off. but key will not turn all the way off & lock & come out.
I was driving down the road headed home when I noticed a light sounding knocking noise that knocked faster when I sped up and slowed when I slowed down. At home I put my truck in neutral and revved up the motor and th...
Why my manual mazda pickup 4x4 it jumps when i accelerate and then works ok my clutch oil looks black but never has gone low does it mean that my clutch is wearing off or my tranny is going bad? All my gears work ok
out of the blue it started overheating after ten minutes of driving,is it hard to replace thermostat,could it be water pump?
I am a Saturday mechanic. My truck has been on the fritz for a few months now so I let it sit for about 3 months with not starting it. I had problems with my truck running rough and a cylinder misfire. I replaced t...
Replacement of seatbelt/airbag
my car has had a new starter, alternator, and battery installed in it. It will turn over, but will not crank. When I turn the key to the on position I can hear the fuel pump and it seems like it has enough pressure. w...
I checked at Mazda dealer, they proposed to change the Fuel leak detector pump. Even after doing that I am getting the same code! Need Help
Changed EGR valve less then a year ago
When the car went over a very rough railroad track at a high speed, it shut down. the engine would turn over, but not crank.