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Engine code 1525

Truck failed smog test. This was the display code. Need to know it's meaning.

Several other owners with this problem have fixed it by repairing a faulty wire...wores witch goe from pcm harness to injectors. Can you show me witch wires these are, including color codes and location.

Do the sensors reboot them selves or what do you have to do to getting them to work or replace?how much money?

Everytime I try to set my curse control

Mpv 2002 temp gage went to full hot, after sitting a few to get home, it went to full hot, tcs off light came on, od light started flashing. Right before I got home transmission changing gears roughly and pounding into gear at driveway, clicking from the valves and engine oil light came on checked oil and dipstick showed van was not out of oil

My car at one time I went for engine wash and just that time it started shaking when I start it and fuel finishing fast. My Mechanic tried to look for a problem and found it was Ignition cable No. 4 not working.

I have replaced battery, I get no Errors from PCM, and have tried everything I can think of to no avail... O2 sensor, Cat, Evap and EGR are all not ready... How can I tell my PCM is even ready to start drive cycle and what is the drive cycle process.... I've driven many cycles from internet and it's been 2500 miles

Need to know how to change altnator in my mazda cx9 2007

Compatible alternative for mazda 626 1991 alternator?

Ticking is coming from engine, it runs but a little rough.

I was driving home from work and truck started acting up it wouldn't idle when I press the gas pedal it shut off and won't start and batter gets drained

i need all 4

Good day I crash in the car and after this I turned on the engine check light, I took it with a mechanic and he told me that he had an error code p00b4

I have a 05 Mazda 6 and just about a month ago I realize my car was making a ticking noise so I checked the oil and it was dry so I added 3 quarts and the ticking noise is still there. The noise gets louder when i push the gas. Can anybody tell me if I blew a rod or if it could be my lifters? I never worked on a car before so I have no clue how to check anything lol

I am looking for the ac cooling fan relay on my 2007 mx5

I cant locate it.

I cant find it

Happens more in the summer months. If I have to stop quickly and take my foot off the accelerator fast and press the clutch at the same time, the motor shuts down. Any ideas?

The auto open/lock ability was lost after a battery jump.

how would I repair the p1506 code?

The parking lights on one side do not work and it is not the bulb the front turn signals don't work and the dash lights get lower and darker intermittently

I have replaced the coil in the dizzy and the crank sensor,there is no check engine light at all so i can,t extract codes

I have gotten my fuse box checked.

periodically, like once a day, when I take off from a stop light, the car will not come out of 1st gear, and also the speedometer just lays on zero. I can stop and manually place the gear shift on low and then change gears manually until I reach normal speed. But then it will react normally the rest of the day. This has happened three times now in the past week. I checked the transmission fluid and oil and they are okay. what would cause this?

the airbag light on the dash started blinking and continues to blink off and on while driving

My car is throwing the code that this O2 sensor needs replacement.

There are 5 wires that come out of the fuel pump and go into a plug to your wire harness. The wires pulled out of the half of the plug on the fuel pump. Need to know which wire's go where in the plug

The oil pressure light did not come on nor did the engine light. Cleaned up oil with paper towels the best that I could. Added more oil as dipstick read low.

Is the sensor located under the hood around the motor area or around the fuel tank area?