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it started when I was driving my whole dashboard went completely blank and was hard to accelerate when I got it home I turn engine off then the oil pressure warning light came on and car will not start, I believe the ...
The car jerks when going from 1st to 2nd gear and when changing it from park to drive and reverse to drive. I had the transmission oil checked and it was fine.
Had the alternator replaced, now I need a smog and its not ready
I checked the oils water battery could it be the starter
The AC worked yesterday. Not working today. Air still blows..but blowing hot air no cold
checked fuses safety switches could it computer be shot if we didn't undo battery to change plugs or could it be bad batch of plugs
The insurance company only offered us $900.00. Is this fair? Otherwise the car is in very good condition for 119,000 miles.
timing jump and i adjust the intake and exashaust to point but didnt do the bottom now wont fire cause no compression
down to the bulb socket but Mazda doesn't sell just the socket, you have to purchase the whole tail light assembly. I've tried three of these (made in Taiwan) and the bulb socket is still doing the same thing. To ma...
Started fine and drove 5 min. Stopped and tried to take off it had no power. Slowly vebegan to regain powers as i gave it gas
How can I tell if it's the switch starter or the key hole itself??
What is the location of the fuel pump relay on my Mazda
no codes and tripple checked all the vacuum lines and wireing help
Prior to stall temp ok oil ok, no warning lights. Tried starting click sound engine not turning over. No oil or water leaks.
It used to stick in park and neutral. Now whenever I stop driving it won't engage park or reverse. It doesn't stick anymore and it shifts into gear, just won't engage.
I checked the air cleaner, changed the spark plugs, installed a new TPS and IAC. There is no check engine light and it will stay on the high idle even while driving till warm. It happens all the time.
Friend swears it's cracked head. I'm hoping jumped timing.No water in oil.