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The car jerks when going from 1st to 2nd gear and when changing it from park to drive and reverse to drive. I had the transmission oil checked and it was fine.
Reman engine w/2000K, new coils, plugs/wires, california cat was installed 1/22/15 because it would not pass emissions, after this it passed and drives great. On 4/11/15, the vacuum cleaner sound was underneath my hoo...
After I deflooded the car, i took her for a drive then after 5 minutes driving fine, she backfired and then she now she can barely go 25 mph! I hooked it up to a code reader and she shows: U0101 and C, EV, 2A, O fla...
I know there is no such thing as a cheap engine replacement but I have low compression and all th other typical rx-8 problems but I have to get this engine replaced and as a blond I don't know a whole lot.
battery charged and lights work but the engine wont start..you hear this humming sound but wont turn over
Went to get oil changed and they said I had a cracked head. I didn't notice it driving different
when start driving it will drop.i check thermostat,water pump and radiatorall in good condation.
Car looses power when driving, seem's to happen when I'm making a turn. Doesn't matter which direction I go, it stalls.
Its mainly when its a hot day or in driving over 70mph but the temperature gauge is displaying no more than 50% on the scale from cold to hot!
my car is hard to start it take a long time to start it
2004 RX8 6MT 93,xxx miles. I recently got the 2 CEL codes p2070 and p0410. I checked round and found that the 0410 is a result of the 2070 code. I know that it's the SSV stuck open code. So here's my question. I haven...
She ran it out of oil now the engine is flooded does not make sense to me
Garage av told me I need a new engine at a cost of 2000 but car still drives but misfires could it be something else