2001 Mazda Protege Questions

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vehicle goes into fail safe , and hen I would have to switch off and restart inorder to reset the PCM

Already did the timing on it more then ones all I fixed was the water pump on it..

if the water pump, front engine seals, drive belts,idlers, and tensioner along with the belt are in good shape and still good do I have to still pay to get it fixed?

Why radio want come on anymore an fuss not blown

If the oil light turns on can it shut down the motor? Motor did not rattle. What can also make the car shut down if it is not the oil light?

and it wont turn after firing just chugs

I feel a wobble or shimmy in the front left wheel, and it the tire might be having trouble rolling.

have checked all fuses,and connections in the a/c system I worked on,checked bat. connections and all are good. checked for fuel and spark. I do have good fuel pressure but no spark

I just changed my TPS Sensor and put everything back together. Went to turn the car on and the engine will not crank. I do have battery but no response when turning the key. Any possible diagnosis would be a help.