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Friend swears it's cracked head. I'm hoping jumped timing.No water in oil.
Fuel pressure is fine but when I try to start it acts like its starting and then doesn't
Was stopped at an intersection,engine started running very rough. I pressed down on gas pedal it ran fine for a few seconds then died. Try to start engine it will start and run for a few seconds then die. What's wrong?
Battery light stays on even after replacing the alternator and the car surges when changing gears
on 2 separate occasions while driving about 60 65 mph car jerk did not loose power no hesitation in transmission
when i start morning put gear "D" accelerating but not running. Reveres work fine. After just reveres (no engine heat) also very hard to go forward when small bumper. When engine get heat nothing wrong with Driving o...
It moves as much as 15 degrees advanced. The engine is idling rough. The check engine light is not on. Why is the strobe light so erratic?
I have an interesting problem that has me stumped. The car won't start with out a jump. The battery is new, the alternator tests good. The cables are not corroded. The fuses all seem to be good. I can usually star...
Mine is a weird one, turn key, car starts, then immediately dies, try again, but this time hit the radio power switch & everything is fine!!!!!!!!, also central locking does not work, other that that everything is goo...
I am a mechanic and not use to working on Mazda's. I recently have had problems starting the car. It cranks excessively before it starts. Once it starts it runs fine and I have great fuel pressure. I thought the fuel ...
replace rack and pinion system