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It shifts from low to 3rd. wont go into 2nd
Was driving car stalled out try to restart but just turns over nut restarting
Driving 55 stopped running and will not restart what caused it how can I fix to get it running
Was driving 55 when car stopped running and will not restart
Tried starting fuel but will not start
Now seems to need a transmission. Getting quotes of $1300-1,700 just to rebuild. Is it worth putting that kind of money into it?
It is not lack of freon or a leak, that has been checked twice nor is it the compressor that has been checkef also.
have replaced fuel pump, distributor cap, spark plug wires spark plugs, will start if use starting fuel in air box and run fine, will restart again if shut off and start again but not if wait to long...checked all fu...
we tried bleeding by pushing in and out the clutch..it wont get pressure....clutch still no pressure.
Can somebody answer me if u try to give it gas it want take it it falls on its nose
when u try to give it gas it want take it but it will idle sometimes u can get it 2 take gas but u haft 2 feather the gas
car has over 100,000 miles,the radiator has been flushed,but it still runs hot,but not in the red on the meter and there is not smoke or oders. could it be the thermostat or the head gasket?
my car is stutterer , i replace everything except distributer. is thiere a diagram o rexplanation for distributor parts and sensor and how to replace thanks danny