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Replaced the crankshaft sensor but it wasn't that cause it still doing it. HELP
and replaced the fuel pump but the gas is not going to the motor
Pulling and I pulled over and it wouldn't go forward or backwards
how do I change out the clutch on this car like what are the stepsi need to know the easiest steps to replacing the clutch
I have replace everything on this car from the dstribuitor to the ignition switch and nothing no light no radio no power window i lost all power to the interior of the car don't know what to do please help
my mazda etude 1996 1.8se model has high fuel consumption pliz help me i am tired of buying parts but its not working i recently bought new injectors but it never changed a bit. its giving me 280km/40ltr its absolutel...
Sometimes when its hot out and I use the ac my car won't restart. It will start ok and then I will stop somewhere and it won't restart. It will turn over. The electric is fine. The engine temperature is normal. Someti...
my car was running great but all of a sudden it stopped working it just crank but it doesnt wants tu run
What do you mean tgat the Question details must be at least 10 characters long?
I've been told that I have a tare in both my right & left cv joints. Another mechanic has told me that both drive shafts are bad (are these the same things?). I've also been told that my left wheel bearing NEEDS to ...
96 mazda protege has bad oil leak burns off exhaust
Car stalled today at stop sign after driving a block. Put in 'park' and restarted. When shifted into drive I felt a slight hitch in the gear. Drove a couple of blocks, car stalled again. This repeated a couple more ti...
Would the EGR valve cause the rpm's to go all the way into the red when I turn the car on?
When I turn on the car the rpm's go all the way into the red.