After car has sat over night or at work for 8 hours car starts with no problems. And while running it runs great and does not shut off while running. However, if I stop the car at the store or etc. it will not start again even after waiting a hour. It has done this in the past but started after 30 minutes to a hour now will not. In order to start I must leave it sit for several hours (5 to 8 hours). The car will crank but smells like fuel terribly. Also it is a clutch and will start when pushed every time. Almost seems like there is no spark or a sensor. Please help. The distributor, plugs, wires, all basics have been checked and no problems noticed there. No check engine light either.

Put a timing belt on my 94 Mazdz protege 1.8 dohc but the cam sprockets do not line up properly , how do I fix this?

Put a timing belt on but the sprockets won't line up.

New plugs, wire, points, mass air flow sensor and fuel pump.

I have replaced radiator,thermostat,head gasket,and thermostat housing flushed system refiled with straight antifreeze,and wired both fans direct with toggle switch and still am overheating.

I have noticed it while driving straight, but not as often

I have a 1994 mazda protege dx 4 cyl. and i was driving one day and it just died out of no where. i pulled over and walked to the gas station to get oil, because i was low and thought that might be the problem, so i poured oil in and tried to start, it will make the noise like it wants to start but it never turns over. a mechanic tested it and said it was the engine coil, i paid 80 and got one and this was not the problem. I do have air in my car, ive read about an air flow sensor? i dont know what that is. a couple people said it might be the fuel pump also. Just trying to get some ideas.

had trouble brakes click when stoping car, it does not click when turning

It happens once out of every 10 starts anytime during the day.

i smelled burning then battery light popped on an steering locked up..i made it home but the temp guage stayed high

94 Mazda Protege LX Sedan 1.8L DOHC tuned up, (wires,plugs cap rotor and replaced vacumn hose air intake hose to valve cover) ran great for 2 days. Engine shut down suddenly and no start. No spark, coil ok, no fuel but bypassed system and pump runs great. Tested with test light to neg side of coil while cranking but it does not light up at all. Is the ignition control module bad? in this case that means a new distributor as it is integral to distributor. Am I looking at this right?

1994 Mazda Protege LX Sedan 1.8L DOHC. I just put plugs, wires, cap & rotor on it, changed the oil and replaced a small vac hose (air intake hose to val cover). Ran wonderful for two days and still running great last night pulled out of a parking lot and it just died. No start,towed home started troubleshooting. No Spark and no fuel. Coil had proper resistence as per chilton manual ran test battery positive to neg side of coil,cranked but no light. Also jumped old OBD1 module F/P to ground and relay kicked and fuel pump fired right up. Sooooo now where do I start on the Distributor above. (noticed MIL lamp is not operating as I tried jump 10 pin in diag box to check code as I do not have an OBD1 scanner). All guidance appreciated.