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There is now smoke coming from exhaust as well,the noise is very loud,can we travel further,and how long will it last,as we are 800 kilos from home. Please help.
I think my coil has gone bad. I have a multimeter but don't know which ports I should be touching to test nor do I know what the correct reading should be.
had new distributor and noticed it was arcing fire out from where the cap seals to the distributor, tryed new cap and it still done it , so i bought a whole new distributor and new cap and rotor and tryed it and it wo...
new rebuilt transmission all new motor mounts (balanced) engine checked out new idle motor (was not problem) replaced torque converter again still shake's mazda dealer and mechanics say it is internal to transms...
how do u change the light bulb in ur gage cluster ? thank u in a 1995 mazda mx6 ls
I just recently purchased a 95 mazda mx6 and it has a knock in the motor. Evidentally it has been that wa for 5 years. We put seafoam in the oil and in the gas tank. Didnt seem to help though. Someone suggested to cha...
opened sun roof. wont close. motor bad?
auto trans shifting hard into 2nd gear overdrive light is blinking but overdrive working fine
how do i remove my rear brake drum? there is a leak and i need to remove it to see the leak.
my '95 Mazda has been running hot when sitting still or slowing down. If I rev the engine to about 4 or 5k RPM it brings the temp back to normal. Is it the Thermostat? And if so; Where is it located?
why is brake fluid still leaking on the inside of my car after master cylainder was replaced
what is the part number for a front headlight bulb only